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Diesel & Fleet Services

Diesel And Fleet Services in Edmonton, AB T5P

Guardian Automotive stands out as a leading provider of both efficient fleet services and comprehensive diesel repair in Edmonton, AB. Our experienced team is skilled in managing a wide range of auto repair requirements specifically tailored to diesel vehicles and commercial fleets.

Expert Diesel Repair in Edmonton, AB

We accept various fleet cards such as ARI, Element and Foss

Understanding Diesel Vehicles

Diesel vehicles, renowned for their robustness and fuel efficiency, require a special set of skills for maintenance and repair. Our facility is equipment to deal with vehicles up to 2-ton (Ford F550, Chev/GMC 5500, Dodge 5500), from pickups to large vans, ensuring they continue to provide the performance and reliability you expect.

Guardian Automotive: Your Go-To for Diesel Repair

Guardian Automotive is your reliable partner for expert diesel repair in Edmonton, AB. Our services encompass everything from routine maintenance to intricate engine work. We employ advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify and rectify any issues, ensuring your diesel vehicle performs optimally.

Professional Fleet Services in Edmonton, AB

Maximizing Efficiency with Fleet Services

When managing a fleet, efficient and effective service and repair are vital. Regular maintenance can prevent downtime, maintain operational effectiveness, and prolong the life of your fleet vehicles. Guardian Automotive offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of fleet services.

Guardian Automotive’s Fleet Repair and Benefits

For professional fleet repair in Edmonton, AB, trust Guardian Automotive. We provide a range of services, including routine maintenance, major engine work, and our signature 40-point peace-of-mind inspection with each service. We also offer pickup and drop-off services from your place of business, minimizing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

Our benefits extend to charge accounts, simplifying payments and enabling easier tracking of repair and maintenance costs. Guardian Automotive supports your fleet’s continuous operation, enhances productivity, and extends vehicle lifespan.

Diesel & Fleet Repair Near Me

Guardian Automotive offers professional diesel repair and fleet services in Edmonton, AB, as a trusted partner for all your automotive needs. Our team’s expertise, advanced diagnostic tools, and customer-centric approach assure you of quality workmanship and exceptional service. Trust in Guardian Automotive: we’re here to keep your diesel vehicles and commercial fleets running smoothly.

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